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The EoF Board is the team that coordinates the activities promoted by the organizing committee, the scientific committee and supports the work of thematic villages and territorial initiatives.

On this page you will find the main proposals, open to our community, but also to those who feel close to the spirit of The Economy of Francesco.

August 2022

July 2022

Del Mastro: Victims of human trafficking are victims of the current economy

July 30th, 2022|

In the framework of World Day Against Human Trafficking, we interviewed Nicolás del Mastro, a young Argentinean who is dedicated to this cause from the Alameda Foundation. He tells us why the issue of trafficking matter so much in an economic environment. «A system that puts at the center the “god” of money, that alters all the processes of production to maximize profits, that maintains that a human being is an instrument, a means, is just one more commodity, merchandise, used needed to produce more money.»

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