In order to encourage the best progress of the initiative, given the objective difficulty that so many people are currently experiencing when travelling internationally and nationally, due to the growing COVID-19 outbreak, the Organizing Committee, in agreement with the Holy See, decided to postpone the event and schedule it for November 19-21, 2020, preceded by two days of pre-event (to be held on November 17-18, 2020).
This choice is guided by the willingness to ensure that the event takes place with greater peace of mind for all participants, nobody excluded.

(LETTER to participants- MARCH 2th, 2020)

New Dates – LETTER to participants
Nuove date- LETTERA ai partecipanti
Nuevas fechas – CARTA a los participantes
Nouvelles dates – Notification

ITALY – Updates about COVID-19

Beyond the Decree-Law of March 2, 2020 and the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 4 March 2020, whereby, in Italy, all outdoor and indoor events held in both public or private locations, of any nature, involving large crowds of people that cannot guarantee the observance of safety interpersonal distance of at least one meter, are suspended, the Italian President of the Council of Ministers, Giuseppe Conte, released two other Decrees (DPCM of 8 March 2020 and DPCM of 9 March 2020), establishing new measures to combat and contain the COVID-19 outbreak, valid on the whole national territory. More specifically, the Decree of 9 March 2020 “prohibits movement…except for justifiable work reasons, basic necessities, and health reasons”.  These measures are in force from March 10, 2020, to April 3, 2020.

Government Decree – March 9 – COVID19 ITALY
Government Decree – March 8 – COVID19 ITALY
Government Decree – March 4 – COVID19 ITALY
Law Decree – March 2 – COVID19 ITALY