For an Energy System that not Divides, but Adds Up.

Our economical paradigm is based on infinite growth with a consequent increase in energy needs and in the cost of energy production. Besides, the relationship between economic growth and fossil fuel energy is environmentally degrading and socially unequal. The transformation of this pattern requires a transition to a low-carbon system, but not only. The transition shall not be exclusively clean, but inclusive. Then, rethinking the energy system paradigm brings important challenges: how to transit to a carbon-neutral energy system which is inclusive? how to deal with the social impacts of the transition on the current jobs? what a Social Green Deal looks like?


We are advocates of an energy transition, ruled by a generative process that allows our society to revert multidimensional poverty and inequalities. We propose a Social green deal sharing clean technologies that come from fair production value chains and circular economy principles.

Final Statement EoF, Assisi 2022

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