I sent my application to participate in October – November, and I didn’t receive any answer. What can I do?2020-06-05T00:18:36+02:00

If you have not received ANY answer to your application (always check your SPAM folder), please write to info@francescoeconomy.org.

Can I make the registration if I didn’t receive confirmation to my application to participate?2020-06-05T00:20:36+02:00

To register, you must have received a confirmation of acceptance of your application from the organizing committee (from the email community@francescoeconomy.org).

Are the registrations for the event going to be opened again?2020-06-05T00:21:38+02:00

We are not in a condition to give definite answers at the moment. We invite you to stay connected through the website and social media to find out what’s new.

I had been selected, but I had to cancel because I could not participate in March. Now that the event will be in November, I could participate, what can I do?2020-06-05T00:22:47+02:00

Write to: community@francescoeconomy.org to communicate your situation, forwarding the acceptance letter you must have received.


When is the deadline for the payment of the Participation ticket?2020-06-11T11:58:07+02:00

The registration and payment were available up to February 2020 on the official website.


I’m no longer participating in the event, what should I do to request a refund?2020-06-11T11:31:36+02:00

POLICY and PROCEDURE are available for refund in the PARTICIPANTS AREA.


I didn’t receive any answer about my grant request. What can I do?2020-06-05T00:26:24+02:00

If you have not received ANY answer to your grant request (always check your SPAM folder), please write to community@francescoeconomy.org.

I couldn’t send my request of grant on time, is there any chance for me?2019-12-17T17:50:36+01:00

Because the available budget is limited to fund all requests that we have received, some requests of grant may be put on a reserve list. We invite you to seek also other financial aid. If additional funds become available, we will contact you.


I don’t remember my user and password to log in in the Participants Area, what can I do?2020-06-05T00:30:29+02:00

Check your Spam; if it is not there, please follow these steps:
1- Go to https://participants.francescoeconomy.org/
2- go to LOGIN
3- Select “Lost your password”.
4- You will go to the reset password area. Once there, enter your email address (the email address where we sent you a confirmation email for your participation, that is your username)
5- You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

How many participants were selected worldwide?2019-12-17T17:51:55+01:00

The participants worldwide selected for the event are 2000 from almost 120 countries.

What about the candidates that will go to the pre-event?2020-06-05T00:31:42+02:00

Among all the candidates, 500 young people worldwide have been already invited to participate in the pre-event to work in preparation for The Economy of Francesco event.

Can you send me the list of participants of my country?2019-12-17T17:55:17+01:00

Because of privacy issues, the Organizing Committee cannot share the list of participants. If you want promote a call on social media or an initiative/event in your country to meet them, please inform us promptly and we will be happy to spread your call or initiative by social media or by email.

I am part of a village, but I have not been contacted to take part in the process. What can I do?2020-06-05T00:33:23+02:00

Write to community@francescoeconomy.org , we’ll connect you with the coordinators of your village.

Why was the digital community of Mighty Networks participants created? 2020-06-05T00:34:47+02:00

The platform allows us to connect and work in a concrete and organized way on the themes of the event. The process has already started!


How does the platform work and how can I have access?2020-06-05T00:36:05+02:00

You must be invited by the coordinators of your Village.

Write to community@francescoeconomy.org (full name and village to which you registered) and we will send you the invitation.


How to get my VISA?2020-06-22T09:04:11+02:00

People from certain countries need a VISA to come to Italy.
Check with the Italian Consulate in your country if you need to apply for a VISA. You can check directly on the Consulate official website.
If you need a VISA,
1. you will have to apply for a TOURIST VISA (90 days).
2. Check your passport validity.
3. Check – as soon as possible – every document needed by the ITALIAN CONSULATE in your country (every consulate in different country ask different documentation). You can check directly on the Consulate official website. Sometimes it takes 3 months. Start as soon as possible!
4. Send a copy of your passport to visa@francescoeconomy.org and to community@francescoeconomy.org and we’ll send you an official invitation letter for the event.

I don’t need a VISA, but only an invitation letter, how to get it?2020-06-22T09:03:06+02:00

Send an email asking for it, with a copy of your passport to visa@francescoeconomy.org and to community@francescoeconomy.org and we’ll send you an official invitation letter for the event.

Will you provide a new invitation letter to the November event?2020-06-05T00:43:33+02:00

Of course. If you had already done the visa procedure in March, we will contact you soon to update all the documents for the November event.

Any other question?

Send us an email to community@francescoeconomy.org.