How many participants were selected worldwide?

The participants worldwide selected for the event are 2000 from almost 120 countries.

I would like to rewatch the entire event, is it possible?

You can rewatch the entire event, including parallel sessions and translations, easily by going to: https://francescoeconomy.org/event-programme/ and clicking on the date and content you wish to rewatch.

Or to our official YouTube channel, where you will find the complete list of videos :



I would like to join the community. What can I do?

Please contact: [email protected] including the following information:

  • NAME
  • E-MAIL
  • CV
  •  Motivation letter (why do you want to join the community?)


No further information.


I will not be able to attend the ONLINE event, can I ask for a refund of the participation fee?

POLICY and PROCEDURE for refund are available in the PARTICIPANTS AREA. Go to https://participants.francescoeconomy.org/  and login.

If I ask for a refund now, will I have to go through the selection process for the event in 2021? Can I put my fee on hold to be sure I will participate in the 2021 event?
The Organizing Committee, due to statutory constraints, is obliged to close, from an administrative point of view, the management process of the event, after its conclusion. Therefore, not being able to allow a management continuity between the two events, the fee paid for the 2020 event cannot be used in any way for the 2021 event.
The participation procedure for the 2021 event will be clarified in the following months.
I requested a refund, and the deadline of 60 days required by the policy was exceeded. What timing should I expect?

We have been processing all requests over the last few days. We had to suspend refunds (which must be made individually) due to the preparatory activities of the event, and, therefore, it is possible that there is a delay of a few days for some of you. However, we plan to complete all procedures by December 31st, 2020. Thank you for your understanding.


I got the participation grant, how will it be handled now that the event is online?

We are currently updating the information, in the next few days we will be able to spread these details as well, we invite you to periodically consult the site and the F.A.Q.


I don’t remember my user and password to log in in the Participants Area, what can I do?

Check your Spam; if it is not there, please follow these steps:
1- Go to https://participants.francescoeconomy.org/
2- go to LOGIN
3- Select “Lost your password”.
4- You will go to the reset password area. Once there, enter your email address (the email address where we sent you a confirmation email for your participation, that is your username)
5- You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Can you send me the list of participants of my country?

Because of privacy issues, the Organizing Committee cannot share the list of participants. If you want promote a call on social media or an initiative/event in your country to meet them, please inform us promptly and we will be happy to spread your call or initiative by social media or by email.

I am part of a village, but I have not been contacted to take part in the process. What can I do?

Write to [email protected] , we’ll connect you with the coordinators of your village.

Why was the digital community of Mighty Networks participants created? 

The platform allows us to connect and work in a concrete and organized way on the themes of the event. The process has already started!


How does the Mighty Networks platform work and how can I have access?

You must be invited by the coordinators of your Village, or by the central team. Now that the event is approaching, we ask you to register, it will be more and more important to stay connected to the platform to be updated and involved in the activities!

Write to [email protected] (full name and village to which you registered) and we will send you the invitation.

What are EOF Hubs?

We invite you to participate in the event together with other young people from your countries. We are identifying a number of places where you can gather and share the event online (CLICK HERE). Please check our official website, newsletters and Mighty Networks for updates.

I am interested in promoting or joining a hub. What should I do?

On the official website you can find a dedicated page HERE. To participate, you just need to contact your nearest HUB reference. There is no HUB in your country? If you plan to create one, please write to: [email protected].


No further information.

Any other question?

Send us an email to [email protected]

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