How many participants were selected worldwide in 2019?

The participants worldwide selected for the event are 2000 from almost 120 countries. Since then, the EoF community has grown steadily, still involving hundreds of young entrepreneurs, economists and changemakers from all over the world.

Can you send me the list of community members of my country?

Because of privacy issues, the Organizing Committee cannot share the list of community members. If you want promote a call on social media or an initiative/event in your country to meet them, please inform us promptly and we will be happy to spread your call or initiative by social media or by email.

I am part of a village, but I have not been contacted to take part in the process. What can I do?

Write to [email protected] , we’ll connect you with the coordinators of your village.

What are EOF Hubs?

The EoF Life in the world: what’s going on locally, what was born from the meetings and after the 2020 November event, particular stories of a territory, perspectives, requests, best practices, projects, work-in-progress initiatives, shared paths and local proposals for today & tomorrow’s new economy.

I am interested in promoting or joining a hub. What should I do?

On the official website you can find a dedicated page HERE. To participate, you just need to contact your nearest HUB reference. There is no HUB in your country? If you plan to create one, please write to: [email protected].

I would like to join the community. What can I do?

Please contact: [email protected]


Who are the Villagers?

They are young people who organize and participate in the activities of the Thematic Villages and are involved within the community life. Each of them has sent a personal application and has been selected by the EoF Board.


How will the 2021 event be?

Two years after the publication of Pope Francis’ May 1st letter, a new world meeting (October 2nd 2021) calls the world’s young economists and entrepreneurs to unite in the common commitment to revive the economy. CLICK HERE TO READ THE MESSAGE

I would like to rewatch the entire 2020 event, is it possible?

You can rewatch the entire event, including parallel sessions and translations, easily by going to: https://francescoeconomy.org/event-programme/ and clicking on the date and content you wish to rewatch.

Or to our official YouTube channel, where you will find the complete list of videos :



If I ask for a refund, will I have to go through the selection process for events after? Can I put my fee on hold to be sure I will participate in other events?
The Organizing Committee, due to statutory constraints, is obliged to close, from an administrative point of view, the management process of the event, after its conclusion. Therefore, not being able to allow a management continuity between more events, the fee paid for the 2020 event cannot be used in any way for events after.
To participate in the 2021 online event please contact your HUB.

Any other question?

Send us an email to [email protected]

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