Peace is a goal that has to be actively promoted. Peace is often endangered by inequality, economic vulnerability, poverty and injustice.

Economic problems are very often at the root of conflicts, both local and international, yet, at the same time, the economy, businesses and the markets may work towards the promotion of more peaceful and egalitarian relations, aimed at mutually advantageous outcomes and, ultimately, the common good. How do economic activities impact the emergence of conflicts? Can a well-functioning market be an antidote to conflict? What is the role played by big companies in preventing or favouring conflicts and their causes? What can the impact be of social and environmental sustainability practices in order to foster conflict resolutions? What is the role of banks, the financial sector and ethical investors in promoting social conflicts?


We believe that peace must be an ongoing process also in business. This includes education, responsibility, awareness, and justice, focused on the development of a sustainable environment condemning wicked investments. A peace economy does not include weapons or profit-only maximizing businesses.

Final Statement EoF, Assisi 2022

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