A way of life – not “away” from life.

“We need to correct models of growth […] guaranteeing respect for the environment, openness to life, concern for the  family, social equality, dignity of workers and the rights of future generations.” In these words, Pope Francis asks for more responsible behaviour in terms of consumption, production and decision-making with the aim of ensuring a worthwhile life for everyone. We discuss and experience the contribution each one of us – whether citizen, company, organization, politician, etc – to combat the culture of waste and propose new ways of life. This is linked intimately to the debate regarding measurement of wealth and well-being.


We believe in integral humanism, which implies a lifestyle that respects the dignity of all. We commit to educate our consumption standards, take care of Creation, to impact in a positive way our local environment, and work together with active civil society, science, and institutions, towards the development of the common good.

Final Statement EoF, Assisi 2022