Agriculture and Justice are keywords that, together, answer the great challenges of ecological conversion towards integral Ecology.

Agriculture is the basis of all food production, while Justice of every democratic system. These words, if mutually intertwined and in harmony, form the basis of a free and dignified society, where people are at the center. Pope Francis invites us to practice fraternal love as the realization of social justice. With this objective, the Village has the support of several sectors of society from which its villagers represent as social activists, farmers, indigenous people, business owners, and researchers. The objective is to offer real proposals as tools for transforming the current economic model into that in which the person and the planet are at the center.


We are creating an integral ecology alliance by co-creating a new coherent narrative that we are translating into farming projects. We want to boost access to land and commons through advocacy actions, global and local strategies and public policies, based on harmonious relationships with indigenous peoples, following the steps of St. Francis.

Final Statement EoF, Assisi 2022

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