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The Economy of Francesco’s community of young people gathers economists, entrepreneurs and change-makers from all over the world. They come from very different backgrounds, sharing knowledge and experiences that have allowed them to question the current economic system, to propose a new one, with a soul, and that leaves no one behind.

The Economy of Francesco is a grassroots economy, a participatory economy that seeks to leave no one behind, so we would like all these young people to be participants and protagonists of the next meeting in Assisi in September this year. From the Amazon to the Middle East, from Africa to the Caribbean, from Patagonia to the Fiji Islands, we can all build together the economy we so badly need for people, the planet and future generations. 

Your contribution will be important to support the various activities of this community. With the help, even small, of many, we can make a huge difference. For that, we need you.


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