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#noiciprepariamo for The Economy of Francesco!

On 28th March we have organized a web-event and discussed many of the most current issues. All the contributions has merged in the first version of our Intergenerational Proposal for TEOF. Then we did a series of interviews to learn more about the 5 Keywords of our proposal (to learn more discover on Yotube)

Now it’s time for young people to express their thoughts, their intelligence and their ideas to complete the proposal of “Civililtà dell’Amore”.

Sustainability, ethic raw material supply, reforestation, reduction of CO2 and conversion of atomic bombs into peace projects …

Mamma mia… so many things!! Is there any links between each other?

Discover it on our next web event: PAROLA AI GIOVANI!

SAVE THE DATE on June 27 at 09.30 am Live streaming on YOTUBE, follow the event and tell us your ideas and comments!

The event will be in ITALIAN!

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