1504 2021

Access to energy as a human right

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Electric energy has enabled since the invention of the electric light bulb a remarkable human development and many people across the world take access to it as granted. However, not everyone has access to electricity in our common home, where approximately one billion people, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, lack access to electricity.

1504 2021

Pacar project in Zambia

Aprile 15th, 2021|Categorie: Notizie, Villages, WHAT’S ON|Tag: , , , , |

Guided by the call of Pope Francis and Laudato Si, the team Technologies for the Common Good - Business in Transition identified that technology needs to be a force for fraternity, not for the widening of inequalities. They say that ‘ Pacar School seeks to "give soul to the economy", as Pope Francis says.’

1304 2021

Julie Nelson all’EoF School

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Il 24 marzo l’Economy of Francesco ha incontrato Julie Nelson nella sua School. Il dialogo su questi temi è stato arricchito dalla presenza di tre giovani interlocutrici: Serena, dal villaggio CO2 delle Disuguaglianze; Olena, del villaggio Donne per l’Economia e Tracey, dal villaggio Lavoro e Cura. I nomi dei villaggi parlano ancor prima delle protagoniste del dialogo.

3003 2021

LISTENING, a step in the culture of encounter

Marzo 30th, 2021|Categorie: HUBs, Notizie, Territori, Territories, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|Tag: , , , |

Listening, going to meet the other, especially the marginalized. Thus begins the path of collaboration between a group of young Latin Americans and CELAM (Latin American Episcopal Conference).

1903 2021

EoF life in the territories

Marzo 19th, 2021|Categorie: HUBs, Main Stage, Notizie, Territories, WHAT'S ON|Tag: , , |

Almost 70 people responded to the invitation of the Global Call on Thursday 11 March, connecting from 24 different countries, representing the life and experiences they are carrying out in places around the globe, as animators of the spirit of EoF, bringing/dropping the global message in their local realities.

202 2021

“Un grande dono” – Luigino Bruni ha incontrato Papa Francesco

Febbraio 2nd, 2021|Categorie: Main Stage, Notizie|Tag: , , |

“Un incontro importante che dice che al Papa sta molto a cuore l'Economy of Francesco. Nelle parole di Papa Francesco l’invito a non fermarci, il desiderio che The Economy of Francesco vada avanti. EoF è una Grazia per tutti. Questa economia va cambiata e solo i giovani lo possono fare”

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