“We are the avantgarde of how the post covid world will be”

By Bernat Sellarès, Spain

From Business and Peace Village

This situation [the pandemic] is a real opportunity. 

We are one of the first worldwide communities built under these pandemic situations, meaning that we are an ongoing process born on this particular situation. So we are the avantgarde of how the post covid world will be. We have to take into account that fact. We are a community beyond materiality. We have shown our vitality without “touching” anything. Imagine what we can achieve in the coming times! This wounded world needs fresh economists at the service of humanity. This is our time!

According to the experience you have made in these months with your village, what is the relationship between Business and Peace?

When we started our journey we were more focused on seeing how business can bring peace. One of the most interesting things has been to discover that peace actually promotes business. Only from peaceful environments trade can flourish, for instance, for the existence of public trust. We now understand peace as a universal good.

What EoF activities that have been carried out have had the greatest impact on you?

The most engaging ones have been the local initiatives we have organized. Has been an amazing experience to share and explain what the Economy of Francesco is, and see how people in our home countries wanted to know more and participate in the project.

What is your inner call?

I’m both professor and General Manager of the Faculty of Philosophy at Ramon Llull University Barcelona. My inner call is then two sided in the same way. On the academic side, I am truly committed to change the way we (economists) are educating the next generations. The last decades we have built a particular economic science that does not bring real solutions and impoverishes the conception of human being. And on the practical side, I would like to act economically to have a more human and fair economic world.