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On 06/04, next Thursday, NEATS / PUC-SP will promote a Thematic Meeting on the “Economy of Francisco and Clara” and its relationship with Civil Society Organizations.
A year ago, Pope Francis summoned young people and also the whole society to, together, move towards the construction of a New Economy that is more inclusive, humane, solidary and that respects the environment. With that, it is up to us to find ways to build this new economy.
Carina Vitral, a feminist, was president of the National Student Union 2015-2017 and is currently President of the UJS.
Joan Antoni Melé, president of Fundação Dinero y Conciencia, was deputy general director of Triodos Bank Spain and currently serves on the advisory board.
Ladislau Dowbor, economist and professor of postgraduate studies at PUC-SP, consultant to several United Nations agencies, governments, municipalities and organizations.
Patricia Maria da Silva, mother, entrepreneur and national coordinator of Pastoral do Empre
Target: young people, civil society organizations, religious entities.

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