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Learning process of the course is based on the presentation of various concrete experiences or projects that put economic relations based on inclusion, solidarity and sustainability into action.
It takes EoF’s topics of the 12 villages, organized in pairs of pairs, creating new tensions and the possibility of exchange between the experiences.
The introductory session and the questions that will be given to the participants, will be the frame for reflection and discussion.
In each of the thematic sessions, two experiences will be presented, followed by a time for questions and answers.
Participants will make a final presentation about key elements towards an inclusive and sustainable economy.
The course is not about specific solutions, but about giving some elements to promote, sustain and strengthen experiences and projects already in place or still to be realized.
Target: Villagers of EoF in Mexico and Latin America, as well as people interested in promoting economic relations based on inclusion, solidarity and sustainability.
Notes: 8 session course (via Zoom):
October 16th: introductory session.
October 17th: sessions 2 and 3
October 23rd: session 4
October 24th: sessions 5 and 6
October 30th: session 7
October 31st: presentations of key elements, final reflections and proposals

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