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In a bid to encourage students of Economics and/or Business Studies from Catholic secondary schools in Mauritius to interrogate dominant paradigms learnt at school from the prism of human development in sync with environmental preservation, the SeDEC plans to organise a series of parallel events to ‘The Economy of Francesco’ over the coming months. The first event on agenda is a working session for the benefit of the Heads of the Departments of Economics and/or Business Studies from the 18 Catholic secondary schools of Mauritius. The trained teachers will then coach their students in view of participating in subsequent essay-writing and public speaking contests on how to rethink the Mauritian economic model and business practices from the prism of Christian values and by considering whether they are respectful of the human person and of the environment bestowed upon us by the Almighty (the theme of the homily by His Holiness Pope Francis during his visit to Mauritius, last year)
Target: Teachers and Grade 11-13 students of Business Studies and Economics

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