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In this webinar session the panel discusses their view on the first new economic question posed by His Holiness Pope Francis:
*1. If the origin of the word economy refers to the administration of household goods, one might ask: who today administrates the goods of our Common Home? What bond unites those who administer those assets and those whose assets are administered? *

The panel will include:
Rabbi Sergio Bergman is the former Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina; and is currently the President of The World Union for Progressive Judaism. Rabbi Bergman graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the University of Buenos Aires. His research provides a modern perspective of Integral Ecology from an Ecumenical Political view.

Reverend Sister Helen Alford, O.P., graduated in manufacturing engineering from the University of Cambridge, where she was also awarded a PhD. She is a religious sister of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena. She has taught subjects related to economic ethics and the history of Christian social thought in several universities. She has served as consultant to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. She is currently vice rector of the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Rome. She is the author of numerous publications on management theory and corporate social responsibility.

Prof. Ugo Mattei is full Professor of Law at the University of Turin; and founder of the International University College of Turin, Italy. For his ground-breaking studies on the commons, Mattei won the Elinor Ostrom Award for the Collective Governance of the Commons in 2017. Mattei has published many books and over one hundred other publications. Mattei oriented the focus of his research on the study and practice of the commons after successfully masterminding a nation wide referendum (in 2011) against privatization of water in Italy. His Italian bestseller “Beni Comuni. Un Manifesto” has generated much attention throughout European social movements.

The panel will be moderated by Patrick Kaczmarczyk who is currently an advisor to the economic forum of the German Social Democratic Party (SDP); and formerly worked as a consultant at UNCTAD.

The webinar will entail a 15 minute presentation from each of the panel members followed by an opportunity for questions and answers with audience and between the panel members. Thereafter, there will be a follow up discussion session with the young scholars aimed at encouraging research collaboration among the young scholars; and discussing possible responses that will be compiled by the organising team in response to His Holiness Pope Francis’ Questions.

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