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The future is in Africa! Africa is the continent of the youths. Africa is the youngest continent on the Earth.CUIB is 10 years old. So we are young. Everything around us is talking of future, of “what can I do tomorrow!!”; everything around us is also talking of hope. Hope in a better future, hope in a better life, hope in a better world where all can live together in harmony and peace. The aim of our meeting is to change the running mentality and…reality from the: “homo-economicus”: a person that is thinking only at his own economic and welfare benefit, to the: “homo-Donatus” a person that will give back to the Community. what he/she has studied, discover, experience, and will create activities that involve especially the less privileged.
Target: Young people, students, teachers,
Notes: PROGRAMME CUIB: THE ENTREPRENEURIAL UNIVERSITY: 10 years’ experience in training young entrepreneurs. Workshops. Sharing experiences

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