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The COVID-19 pandemic is both a health and a socioeconomic crisis, with very different outcomes by gender. This inequality presents a fundamental challenge to the market-driven economic paradigm that has acquired hegemonic status across the world. Without a more inclusive economic paradigm that values care and makes visible what the market-driven paradigm renders invisible or unimportant, any analyses of the pandemic and proposed responses to it are woefully incomplete.

In her talk, prof. Yana Rodgers (Rutgers University) will provide a contextual framework for understanding the gendered dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic and to highlight some of the emerging evidence on its health, social, and economic outcomes. Her presentation also focuses on how the hardships that women and men face may be mitigated as governments work to contain the virus and rebuild their economies, and how public health, social protection and care systems may be reformed to prevent such wide-scale losses
Notes: Participation in the webinar is free, but registering is mandatory via https://www.ucsia.org/home-en/themes/ethics-and-economy/events/women-work-care/

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