V&P seeks to find the right integral development between economic growth and profit

and balancing the important human relationships elements of following one’s passion and identifying a mission and a meaning (both at a personal and corporate level) that goes beyond financial considerations. How vocation and profit can “give a soul to the economy of tomorrow?” How can we work with our intuition to drive ourselves and our organizations towards a better world and spend our energy on a common and greater call? How can we merge our vocations purposefully and our common goals, such as sustainable development goals (SDGs), environmental, social and governance criteria (ESGs), the common good and benefit corporations? And how about measuring first the common generated impact rather than the financial aspect?


Vocation and Profit brings the spiritual and practical together. It allows for the tensions in life to be faced as a source of innovation, rather than fear. We strive for a balance between tasks and relationships, one that leads to action. We acknowledge that many cannot even think of combining Vocation and Profit. And we are called to change this.

Final Statement EoF, Assisi 2022