EoF School 2023

From principles to theory and practice

We continue with the training process through the EoF School, now in its third edition. It starts on January 30 and you will be able to follow it online.

The EoF School is an annual training course whose main speakers are young economists, entrepreneurs and changemakers. The objective is the enhancement and promotion – through presentations, discussions, comparison – of the thought and action of young people engaged in the various fields of science and economic practice.

This year’s EoF School builds on the Final Statement that the thematic villages developed during the 2022 global event. Behind each principle there is theory, practice, work and commitment of the young people who make up the EoF community and that will give way to discuss and deepen the major issues of the global economy. Each of the principles that make up the Final Statement will be deepened by the members of the thematic villages in participatory lessons throughout the year: 12 lessons, one per month, last Monday of the month.

In addition to the main 12 lectures, the EoF School offers some special lectures around the theme: Capitals beyond capitalism

Physical and financial capital and -to some extent- human capital is at the core of the capitalist economic system. Economists have studied these types of capital for a long time. Much more recently, social, relational, and natural capital has come back to the fore thanks to the works of some eminent economists who have been able to transfer knowledge long handed down to other social sciences. Furthermore, narrative capital and spiritual capital are two ancient forms of capital that are more and more crucial for the well-being of our time.

Throughout the year, we will question all of these forms of capital. We will achieve this goal through 4 special lectures by eminent social scientists and economists. The lectures will be broadcasted online and will allow us to get to the bottom of the issue of capital in capitalism by re-reading its role and redefining its importance for the present and future of our economies and societies.


  • The lectures will take place from January 30, 2023, monthly, at 4 PM CET on the EOF YouTube channel.
  • The deadline for registration is JANUARY 25, 2023.
  • People enrolled in the course will receive an email before each lecture containing: the link to the YouTube channel, some handouts, some further reading.
  • The certificate of participation will be given to people who attend live at least 75% of the lessons. The link for taking attendance will be provided during the lessons.
  • Due to the nature of the lessons organized within the thematic villages, the lessons will be primarily in English, but with the possibility to be developed in other languages.
  • Translations may be available for some lessons

CONTACT: [email protected]