The Economy of Francesco is not just an event.

It is first of all a process, the occasion for young entrepreneurs, changemakers and economists from all over the world to get to know each other, exchange views and express themselves on the major topics of the global economy.

This is the community, this is the Economy of Francesco.

Young people’s thinking on environmental and economic issues should be taken very seriously.

There is too much need for an economy of Francis, and only young people can create it

Scientific Committee – Launch of the international event The ECONOMY of FRANCESCO

On March 28th -the previous date-, the young coordinators of the event sent a message to all participants

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Portraits of the participants

Your universities, your businesses and your organizations are workshops of hope for creating new ways of understanding the economy and progress, for combating the culture of waste, for giving voice to those who have none and for proposing new styles of life.

Letter of the Holy Father May 1, 2019 – “to Young Economists and Entrepreneurs Worldwide”


Voice access to the Internet: the challenge for emerging countries

Global warming damages the coastal areas

Keisuke Shimakage and his smart glasses

The cocoa community that opposes violence

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Is it possible for finance to be at the service of humanity?

Is it possible for finance to be at the service of humanity? If so, how? The perspectives from a couple of Economy of Francesco participants. On this occasion, we want to share the testimony of Andrea and Vicky, both are enrolled in the Finance and Humanity village.

September 22nd, 2020|Tags: , |

“The greatest profit that can be made is the common good”

It does not matter if one analyzes this relationship of vocation from a person or a company; in any case, the important thing is to transcend. [...] It is to understand that from each vocation, the greatest profit that can be made is the common good.

September 22nd, 2020|Tags: , |

Businesses should be at the service of society

Personally, being part of EoF has been an enriching experience, I believe it's the start of something bigger, meeting and debating with other youth around the globe that have the same worry and curiosity for our economy, placing people at the center and taking into account the environment.

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