EoF young people commitment to rebuild an economy rooted in peace

We young economists, entrepreneurs and change makers of the world, called upon to give a soul to the economy, we say: Stop! Stop the war, put down the weapons, get back to the path of dialogue.

Our hearts are deeply painful for the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, and we ask for everyone’s commitment so that the time prophesied by Isaiah may get close: “They will forge their swords into plowshares, their spears into sickles; people of a nation will no longer raise their sword against another nation, they will no longer practice the art of war” (Is 2, 4).

We young people can no longer tolerate resources diverted from education, health care, our present and our future to build weapons instead and fuel the wars needed to sell them.

We would like to tell our children that the world at war is over forever.

For this reason we share and bounce the words of Pope Francis: “Every war leaves our world worse than it was before. War is a failure of politics and humanity, a shameful capitulation, a stinging defeat facing the forces of evil” (Fratelli Tutti, 261).