The EoF Academy is the international network of scholars formed with the aim of conducting and promoting scientific research on issues relating to the Economy of Francesco.

The first EoF Research Fellowship program was open to young doctoral level students in the field of economics or related academic fields, from all countries, to help young economists who are committed to or are aspiring to an academic career, to achieve the necessary scientific background in particular with regards to topics of interest to EoF. To achieve this goal, 13 small research fellowships were granted for the year 2021/2022. After the evaluation and selection process, on June 29, Prof. Luigino Bruni, scientific coordinator of EoF, welcomed 18 young researchers to the EoF Academy, coming from 15 countries and trained in different disciplines. The supervision of the activity carried out by the EoF Academy Researchers is entrusted to members of the EoF Academy Fellows.


Matheus Belucio Da Silva | PORTUGAL

Public policies to reduce environmental impacts and inequality income while maximizing economic growth, renewable energy consumption and giving

Agustina Brizuela | Argentina

Digital inclusion, the relational State and the common good: A case study of Argentine’s digital inclusion policies from the Relational Sociology paradigm

Valentina Erasmo | Italy

“The Citadels of Solidarity”: Franciscan urban solidarity against the paradox of malnutrition in the post-Covid 19 Age

Alessio Giorgetti | Italy

Enabling companies to conduct impact assessment according to Civil Economy principles: the cases of the wood and food sectors (inidicators)

Nji Bih Helvisia | Cameroon

Contribution of poverty on environmental degradation

Gloria Imumpaye | Italy

Individual and Collective Entrepreneurial Skills Development: Case of microcredit groups in Burundi

Viory Janeo | Philippines

Financial Literacy and Values Education for Family Members of Overseas Filipino Workers

Maria Eugenia Martinez Mansilla | Brazil

The price of the transcendental in urban societies: Trying to monetize the actions that truly build a fraternal society that aspires to life in common

Mariana Reis Maria | Brazil

Green energy finance: fiscal policies in the energy transition from an Agent-Based Model Analysis

Caren Rodrigues | India

Encouraging socially and environmentally sustainable organizations (run by poor or middle class entrepreneurs) amidst high corruption institutional environments

Cristina Vieceli | Brazil

Gender inequality, public policies and taxation in Brazil

Alex Wang | China

Researching the performance of social business in implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Julia Wdowin | England

Constructing a measure of well-being that is inclusive and useful for empathetic and informed policy and decision-making: a personalist perspective

Claudio Barbieri | Italy

Imperfect pricing of government debt: the “unreliable country” trap

Henrique Delgado | Brazil

Progressive transnational economic governance / world order based on the principles advanced by the Church and organized transnationally in a body like the Church

Juan Manuel Gil Barragan | Colombia

Sustainable decision-making: the role of effectuation, social identity, and institutional voids

Maria Jordet | Norway

Insight into how people in climate vulnerable areas voice their concerns and cope with their circumstances (10 interviews)

Rodimiro Rodrigo Flores | US

Impact of robot adoption on labor and firm dynamics in developing countries – but not clear from proposal

EoF Academy Fellows

Luigino Bruni (Italy) | Economist. LUMSA University

Stefano Zamagni (Italy) | Economist and President of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Anouk Grevin (France) | Economist. Univ. Nantes

Luca Crivelli (Switzerland) | Economist. Univ. SUPSI

Matteo Rizzolli (Italy) | Associate professor of Economic Policy. LUMSA University

Domenico Rossignoli (Italy) |  Assistant professor. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Giulio Guarini (Italy) | Associate professor. Università degli studi della Tuscia (Viterbo)

Consuelo Corradi (Italy) | Professor of Sociology, Lumsa University

Helen Alford (Italy) | Professor and former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Pontifical University of St Thomas

Paolo Benanti (Italy) | Professor of ethics, moral theology, and bioethics. Pontificia Università Gregoriana

Adriana Gómez Chico Spamer (Mexico)

Antonio Magliulo (Italy) | Full Professor of History of Economic Thought. Studi Internazionali di Roma (UNINT)

Ricardo Zozimo (Portugal) | Assistant Professor of Management at Nova School of Business and Economics

Américo M S Carvalho Mendes (Portugal) | Head of ATES – The Transversal Area of Social Economy of the Catholic University of Portugal (Porto)

Andrea Piccaluga (Italy) | Director of the Institute of Management at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Pisa)

Paul H. Dembinski (Poland) | Associate professor at the University of Fribourg

Anthony Annett (USA) | Ph.D. in Economics. Climate Change and Sustainable Development Advisor, Earth Institute, Columbia University, Ethics of Sustainable Development

Daniel Ernesto Stigliano (Argentina) | Profesor de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (Facultad de Ciencias Económicas)

Luca Parisoli (Italy) | Associate Professor. Università della Calabria

Alessandro Federici (Italy) | Research Fellow presso ENEA – Agenzia Nazionale per le Nuove Tecnologie, l’Energia e lo Sviluppo Economico Sostenibile