Human rights concern everyone.

EoF promotes and defends human rights, encourages and organizes actions to raise awareness of the rights violated and freedoms denied in many countries around the world.

We are committed, personally and collectively, to a world in which all people enjoy all human rights, and we cherish those who seek to defend themselves against violence, repression, crimes and abuses that especially affect women and children.

Many countries lack the basic freedom of self-expression, of protest, of self-defense, and to fight for life. The youth of EoF want to be vigilant, as sentinels guarding a problem for which there is (perhaps) no immediate solution, but towards which we cannot look the other way.

For this reason, since December 2022, EoF has been organizing and promoting events to support those who defend human rights and to be the voice of the voiceless, certain that we can only achieve peace, security, dignity, and sustainable development if we advance justice, freedom, and equality for all.