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Hay un espacio entre la investigación científica y la divulgación. La EoF ProView quiere ocupar ese espacio. A través de la publicación de artículos, la EoF ProView pretende divulgar los conocimientos relacionados con The Economy of Francesco. Como su nombre indica, se centra en la investigación de hoy que tiene una mirada hacia el futuro.

Ecologia integrale: andare oltre la sostenibilità

abril 26th, 2023|Categories: Contemporary Challenges, EOF ProView ES, Noticias|

di Chiara Subrizi. Ecologia integrale significa andare oltre il concetto di sostenibilità, perché non ci sarà una vera sostenibilità della nostra società europea nel lungo periodo se questa non sarà al contempo ambientale, umana, sociale ma anche economica per tutti gli attori che compongono la società e non solo per pochi. Il suo intervento al senato italiano.

3 economic ideas for a better future

agosto 19th, 2022|Categories: EOF ProView ES, Miscellaneous|

As we get closer to our meeting in Assisi, I want to share with you a few words about some economic ideas that can build a basis on which we can think together about a new way of conceiving the economy. All three ideas are very well connected to Pope Francis’ writings and thoughts and are able to deal with our many contemporary challenges: the environmental crisis, high levels of inequality, precarious labor, political extremism and/or indifference.

Addressing Intergenerational Poverty: In Search for a Better Future

agosto 2nd, 2022|Categories: Academy Proview, EOF ProView ES|

Extreme poverty continues to persist in the world. High barriers to quality healthcare, a weakening job market, and political instability are some factors that attribute to this, but there is also the consideration that due to intrinsic systemic discrimination, those caught in a cycle of poverty will remain in that cycle indefinitely, regardless of the socio-economic safety nets that are made available to them.

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