Caricamento Eventi

We are a team of young representatives of serveral organizations how are offering 3 short semminars and a full day event to promote and think differnt ways to face the actuall economical challenges.
Every semminar has a topic assigned and begins with a pannel of speakers, then it is completed by an experience related with the topic. After the experience the audience work togather to meet each other and discuss about the topic.
By the end of the meeting every group share to the audience. Every output of the groups will feed the work of the last event which will go deeper in the comunion to reach concrete proposal.

Dates of the events:
06/08 – “The challenge of Work”
20/08 – “Poverty and Education”
06/09 (tentative) – “Enviorment and Global Health”
October (to be defined) – Full day Close Event

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