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Hello dear friends!

It is with great joy that we announce the inauguration of a biweekly series of choices about Francisco’s Economy, on the program “Pátio da Cruz”, from TV-PUCSP, in a realization of the Faith and Culture Center of this university. This is an initiative, in partnership, of some young Brazilians linked to the Economy of Francisco, and the Faith and Culture Center. It was born from a weekly column of articles on the portal of Instituto Humanitas Unisinos – IHU (http://www.ihu.unisinos.br/78-noticias/603388-rumo-a-assis-na-direcao-da-economia-de-francisco-coluna-de-artigos-sobre-a-economia-de-francisco ), one of which has the intention of welcoming and disseminating reflections on ideas and related realities in an open way, and mainly taking into account the Brazilian perspectives on the new economy proposed by Pope Francis.

The forecasts will air every two weeks, Tuesdays, at 4:00 pm (Brasilia time), through the channels of TV PUC / SP on Youtube and F

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