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A wave of discussions around the economy and society are occurring as the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts. A reimagining of economic,
societal, and environmental relationships are taking center stage as the cries of the earth
and the poor grow louder. The idea of development is in need of a paradigm shift, and this is
clearly recognized today in the face of greater challenges.

Reimagining Development: Youth Perspectives for a Better World is a virtual dialogue
series bringing together up to 36 young people from international faith-based networks and
organizations, seeking to contribute to discourse and actions for a paradigm shift in
development. Participants from different regions will be invited in order to draw out more
holistic and adequate responses and insights.
Target: Youth Leaders who are members of faith based organizations from Asia and the Pacific and Latin America
Notes: This series will have three parts that build upon one another:

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