Blessed are those who endure in peace (Cant 263)

When peace struggles to make its way in negotiations between states, it adopts other ways to fuel its dream of prophecy. Meetings, marches, story sharing, collective action. Reading marathons. Read and listen to our call for peace: between people, in the society we live in, between states. We need peace achieved by peaceful means: dialogue, understanding of the other’s perspectives, critical thinking, rejection of violence.

The EoF Reading Marathon for Peace is a chain of voices reading words and stories of peace: the voices are those of volunteer readers, children, youth and adults; the words are those of books written by authors from all over the world, pieces of fiction, poetry, interviews and more. Literature has always been able to investigate and express the reality of armed conflicts in all their drama, noting their power strategies, absurdities and suffering. But, literature is also full of pages that make us understand how to prepare for peace, how to think about it, and how to prevent war from taking over our brains and hearts.

After reading in support of women’s rights, the EoF reading marathon focuses, in this edition, for peace to offer children, youth and those who wish to participate an opportunity to give voice to peace. An initiative that is, at the same time, of testimony and reflection and that may also become a symbolic moment to learn about and support the humanitarian actions carried out by organizations and entities engaged in war zones.

EoF invites everyone to participate in an online reading marathon focused on fostering peace. Through literature, discussions, art, and reflection, we aim to promote understanding, dialogue, and the rejection of violence.


  • Online reading sessions of peace-themed literature by volunteers of all ages.
  • Performances by artists from conflict regions.
  • Engaging with NGOs working in war zones through discussions.
  • Webinars on peace and conflict resolution topics.
  • Conversations with conflict victims sharing their dreams and expectations.
  • Moments for guided meditation and prayer.


Get involved: Fill out the forms to join as a reader, artist, or send us your “Where is peace?” video

Prepare: Read in our marathon or allocate time to participate

Spread the word: Inform others and encourage participation

Plan local events: Coordinate with local groups to host reading sessions

Engage: Actively participate in the marathon and discussions

Stay connected: Follow up with the Economy of Francesco and join ongoing efforts for peace


  • Register for the reading marathon: CLICK HERE
  • Sign up for artistic presentations: CLICK HERE
  • Join the What a dilemma? webinar (1. dialogue space where a real personal problem is presented by one of the participants with the objective of solving a community problem with positive impact. Then the rest of the participants, from different perspectives, propose and suggest solutions – 2. helps to identify new points of view and to share with others previous experiences – 3. is a space for exchange of learning and collaboration through concrete experiences. “Shared burdens weigh less”, we are a community, we are here to help each other) : CLICK HERE
  • Contribute to the “Where is peace?” video CLICK HERE and find the guidelines


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Together, let’s create a global chorus of voices for peace.