Asphodel, a community of Sardinian beekeepers


We are pleased to present to you one of the activities resulting from friendships and exchanges of dreams and skills within EoF.

Asphodel is a community of Sardinian (Italy) beekeepers that decided to put together their effort to sell their local and organic products to the world. “We are social entrepreneurs that one day decided to dedicate their lives to their dream: to help their people and nature to overcome these tough times,” said the four friends Maurizio, Gianbattista, Stefano e Gerolamo. 

Asphodel was born in early 2020 after Covid 19 starting from an idea of a bunch of social entrepreneurs that understood that the only way to react to the climate crisis was to act fast and locally without demanding others concrete actions. With that promise, a new company started with the clear vision of becoming the first Sardinian brand to bring together small beekeepers with long experience in producing healthy, organic and traditional products coming from bees. The added value of Asphodel is given by the experience of their people in technology and innovation, key skills for the sustainable development of their business. Putting together tradition and innovation is in fact the only way to produce healthy and organic food with the original taste without losing the original roots of Sardinian beekeepers.

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