Dear friends, THANK YOU!

We are writing to you to express our heartfelt joy and gratitude, a few days after the event that moved and astonished us. Thank you on behalf of the Organizing Committee and of the Economy of Francesco staff. We would like to deeply and sincerely thank each and everyone of you.

 These amazing days we experienced together have touched and impressed us all. We truly felt we witnessed “something” beyond what we could have ever imagined: it is apparent that, at certain moments, collective intelligence bursts into “something” that leaves everyone breathless.  But perhaps the most beautiful thing of all was discovering how many vocations thrive in economic life. The event was a festival of vocations: of young women and men who heard a voice – a call – and answered. This gives us enormous hope, not only for the economy, but for the entire Earth: it is encouraging to know that, even today, the Earth is inhabited by voices that call and by women and men who answer.

 You responded generously, as you young people very often do, given your vocation to gratuitousness, which makes your age a wonderful time. Thank you for the passion and expertise that have driven your work in recent months. The commitment, reliability, enthusiasm inspiring your efforts were remarkable. Thank you for the time you shared with each other, your ideas, insights, projects, meetings, for organizing webinars, preparing and participating in many towards EoF events over the past months and in the territorial HUBs in these days. Thank you for your preparatory work on the event conferences, the marathon, your proposals and all the materials you have elaborated. We have been receiving words of appreciation and interest for your work from the world of academia, business networks, the press, associations. These messages are all for you and should animate your willingness to move forward.

 Thank you because you safeguarded and built together a generative process with no masters, where you felt free to express yourselves and show what is already a reality, while indicating what is yet to be done together. How much hope we have seen in recent months and days thanks to you! How much beauty and quality, how much desire for life and to get involved and involve, to dare and “get our hands dirty to repair the house” we live in. You have given the world concrete and prophetic light and hope. The many seniors who guided your commitment are ready to pursue this dialogue with you and exchange insights.

 Therefore, this event does not end now. This is just the beginning. These months will have been truly fruitful, if you are able to continue what you started, if you involve many other young people, if you are witnesses and ambassadors of a different economy and, above all, of different relationships.  This is your time. Don’t stop, never give up! Continue to love your jobs, your businesses, your cooperatives and your economic studies. May you be filled with hope and blessings for your jobs, because if you love them even when they are not as they should be, you are already changing them.  You change your economy by looking at it differently: this is also hope. You can change the economy by doing it, studying it, but first by loving it.  The new Economy of Francesco will certainly also arise from your indignation and dissatisfaction; but, above all, it will come from your love, from your ability to turn indignation – for a wrong world –  into a common commitment for a better world. It will spring from your desires, and from your collective dreams.

We will get back to you soon with important updates!