The EoF generation is ready for the IV online world meeting with a message from the Pope

The Economy of Francesco, global gathering on 6 October, live from Assisi

Ideas, stories, and projects, with links from 30 countries. In-person event for Italians at the Sanctuary of Renunciation.

ASSISI (ITALY) – Next October 6th at 4 PM (Italian time), the world’s young economists, change-makers and entrepreneurs will gather online to celebrate the IV annual meeting of The Economy of Francesco (EoF). “I say this seriously: I’m counting on you!”, Pope Francis told them when he greeted them in Assisi in 2022. “Please, don’t leave us undisturbed, give us an example!” An invitation embraced by the EoF generation, who continue to work with seriousness and responsibility and without neglecting anything that is of concern today and requires urgent change. Inequalities, indigenous economies, work, peace, food security, the environmental crisis, financial systems, but also narrative and spiritual capitals – are some of the themes at the heart of the EoF agenda.

A guest at the event, alongside others, will be the Turkish economist Daron Acemoglu, professor of economics at MIT in Boston, in dialogue with the EoF Academy. His research interests range from the theory of growth to labor economics, from inequality in income distribution to applied mathematics. Hence, the impact of technology on inequalities and a reflection on the blind spots of economic knowledge will be the two main contributions of the young scholars of the academic network.

Ample space will also be dedicated to the theme of peace. A link is planned with the third International Congress of the Economy of Francesco, in Latin America and the Caribbean, taking place from 4 to 6 October in Colombia, entitled: Weaving economies for peace.

The streaming of the event, entitled “The 25th Hour. EoF (on air) Global Gathering” will be broadcast by the Seraphic Institute, through “web-radio,” and available live on the Economy of Francesco YouTube channel, in multiple languages. Music, in-depth analysis, information, and interaction via social media: this year the young authors of the program have chosen the radio as a narrative place to discuss and share stories, ideas, vocations, and experiences, reaching a wide audience, where all voices can express themselves and be represented and listened to.

Links and contributions from over 30 countries around the world are expected, moments of meditation on the path walked by Francis of Assisi and a program dedicated to historical figures and events.

The “25th hour” will be the theme proposed by the scientific coordinator of EoF, the economist Luigino Bruni. We then eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the award-winning entries from the contest titled “The Stories We Are”. Additionally, we have an exclusive reading of a timeless world literature classic, “Pinocchio, praise of the path and the gift” prepared as a captivating theatrical piece.

The meeting will end with a new message from Pope Francis, who will once again this year address the young economists and entrepreneurs of EoF. To follow the live broadcast and details of the program, go to

In addition to the online event, the regional representatives of ‘The Economy of Francesco Hub Italia’ have organized an in-person gathering in Assisi from October 6th to 8th. This three-day event aims to foster unity and provide training opportunities. Hosted by the Diocese of Assisi, with a special focus on the Sanctuary of Renunciation, it will bring together over 70 participants from ‘The Economy of Francesco’ (EoF) in Italy. During this gathering, participants will engage in tailored sessions designed to encourage meaningful discussions and the sharing of ideas on economic and social issues.

Assisi, 30 September 2023