Creating a culture of peace and fostering a better world for our children to live


EoF youth initiatives continue toward October 2021. The roadmap? Our EoF final statement. Here we are pleased to present the initiative from the Policies and Happiness Village, to explore – in particular – two points of the commitment: States, large companies and international institutions work to provide quality education for every girl and boy in the world, because human capital is the first capital of all humanism and We would like to tell our children that the world at war is finished forever.

We met with the coordinators of one of the projects born within this village, named Children Flourishing Index. “Global talks is an initiative where we invite guests around the world so we can have conversations that matters” – they said. “Dialogues on how can we work towards a culture of peace, to create a world where children and future generations can thrive and flourish?

Children Flourishing Index

Policy makers set goals and measure their accomplishments on scales such as gross domestic product (GDP) that do not truly reflect the priorities and needs of people and future generations. While new indexes and measures, such as the Human Development Index, have been already proposed and adopted, we think that we still lack an instrument that is really capable of capturing the complexity of human flourishing, especially in its relational dimensions, and moreover that focuses on the wellbeing of future as much as present generations. Inspired by John Maynard Keynes and Luigino Bruni, we propose to develop a new development index which we tentatively suggest to call the Children Flourishing Index (CFI). The CFI aims to measure and incentivize important variables that we believe are key to the flourishing of children and future generations, such as the environment and nature, health and well-being, food security and nutrition, love and parental relationship, perception of beauty, dreaming ability, transformational and quality education, simplicity and curiosity, gender equality, generativity and participatory processes. By measuring and incentivizing children’s flourishing, this index aims at developing evidence-based public policies as a way to ensure an integral human development through the generations.

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“For that – Myrian Castello continues – we want to listen different perspectives and we want to bring guests from the UN, from governments around the world, from grassroots initiatives and more so we can build an index and ideas that make sense. Our next steps is to keep working on writing the index and listen to people’s ideas of how can we apply it and what is it needed. 

In our first talk we had Jean Fabre, Former Deputy-director of the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) office in Geneva, and former UNDP head of communication for Europe, an International consultant and the Founder of the World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty.

From the conversation we learned that: We have to measure what we treasure and remove the obstacles in our minds so we can achieve a Culture of Peace. For that it will be needed: to change the dashboard, create new relationships based on care and challenge our institutions.
Life is the small piece of time given to us to learn to love, and we need to work so children can access clean water and quality education. We have 9 years to reach AGENDA2030 and Francesco Economy is a call to leave no one behind”. 

In case you missed this 1st “Global Talks” here’s for you the Youtube link where you can find the complete session:

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