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Relive #EoF2022

Relive the days of September 22 and 24 during the international event. You can see the moment of the meeting with Pope Francis.


The September 2022 event represents the first in-person meeting for young people called by Pope Francis to give a soul to the economy. The meeting will see young economic scholars, entrepreneurs, and changemakers, from more than 100 countries around the world, who have been actively working in these past months, along with new young people, who have a desire to contribute to a new season of economic thought and practice.



Symbol and message of peace, poverty, spirituality and therefore fraternity.

The emblematic city of Assisi is ready to welcome the young people, who will not only find walls full of spirituality and history, but a whole community that from the beginning has been involved in the preparation of this moment and is waiting for them.

Creating a positive impact!

Events don’t happen in isolation, they impact the local area in a variety of ways. The task is to ensure this impact is as positive as possible!

An event can have a social, cultural, physical, political, touristic and economic impact on a location. EoF knows that an event does not simply take place inside the venue, its presence can impact the local community through increased traffic, disruption, higher prices, more visitors, increased retail business, etc. Good or bad, these impacts will occur as a bi-product of an event.

We’ll work to increase the positives and minimize the negatives.

The ECONOMY of FRANCESCO thanks all the donors who support and collaborate in the EoF 2022 GLOBAL EVENT