On June 29th the Vocation & Profit Village started a journey to create the building blocks for their next event on September 29th. With these gatherings, this village aims to Co-create the New Economy as invited by the Economy of Francesco while tighten their relationships for the meeting in November in Assisi.

“We did it! Our Vocation And Profit gathering with 75+ young people from all over the world for The Economy of Francesco.

The event lasted two and a half hours and the format was the world cafè. With us there where Cardinal Peter Turkson, Soledad Lama and 140+ people from all over the world. We opened together and then start co-creating for one hour and half to answer questions related to Vocation and Profit.

Thank you!”

Pieter Spinder

The Vocation & Profit Village is part of the Economy of Francesco initiative and aims to engage young changemakers, economists and entrepreneurs in finding their inner call and proposing solutions to make the economy more fair, inclusive and with a positive impact for society!

This village has done a lot of meetings, like “Connection Monday” and “Circle Time“. Find public information on their social networks:

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