It’s time to back to SCHOOL… OF CIVIL HAPPINESS

Policies and Happiness Village

On June 19 the Policies and Happiness village started a crash course on happiness and economics, approached through the lens of civil economy, open to all the participants of The Economy of Francesco and to those who were interested in delving into the issues related to happiness and economics.

“The goal of the course was to explore the theoretical foundations of the happiness debate as it applies to economics. The key topics included a historical-philosophical introduction to the notion of happiness within different theoretical frameworks, focusing on relational goods, trust, family, oikonomia, environment, policies, etc.”


“The pursuit of happiness and beyond”
Jeffrey Sachs

“Civil Economy and Public Happiness”
Luigino Bruni

“Glocal Happiness”

Vandana Shiva

“Families, Human Flourishing and Public Happiness”
Mons. Domenico Sorrentino