Pobreza y pobrezas, el punto de partida de un proceso de aprendizaje

Dicembre 6th, 2021|Agriculture and Justice, CO2 of Inequalities, Energy and Poverty, EoF PEOPLE, EoF PEOPLE, Finance and Humanity, HUBs, Territories, Villages, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|

“Pobreza y pobrezas. Buscando claves para América Latina” es el título del diplomado recientemente concluido en América Latina, impulsado por el CELAM (Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano) e impartido por 15 jóvenes de The Economy of Francesco, como una contribución para dar una nueva alma a la economía.

How smart is smartworking

Novembre 17th, 2021|EoF PEOPLE, Notizie, Villages, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON, Women for Economy|

How did remote working affect our lives, productivity, and well-being? Will it be the new standard after the pandemic? In response to these questions, The Economy of Francesco's thematic village, Women for economy, decided to organize a space for dialogue to understand the challenges, advantages, and disadvantages that this type of work brings with it.

Creating a culture of peace and fostering a better world for our children to live

Agosto 13th, 2021|EoF PEOPLE, Notizie, Policies and Happiness, Villages, WHAT’S ON|

We met with the coordinators of one of the projects born within this village, named Children Flourishing Index. “Global talks is an initiative where we invite guests around the world so we can have conversations that matters” – they said. “Dialogues on how can we work towards a culture of peace, to create a world where children and future generations can thrive and flourish?”

The great challenges between sport and economy – TOKYO 2020

Agosto 12th, 2021|EoF PEOPLE, Life and Lifestyle, Notizie, Villages, WHAT’S ON|

A few days from the conclusion of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, we report the special contribution we received from two EoF young people, Jean Claude Rugigana and Gabriela Matus, who are Community Leaders of Yunus Sports Hub.


Luglio 20th, 2021|Agriculture and Justice, Energy and Poverty, EoF PEOPLE, Notizie, Villages, WHAT’S ON|

Più di 100 partecipanti registrati, soprattutto dall'America Latina (Brasile, Argentina, Messico, Ecuador e Perù), ma anche dal continente europeo (Russia, Spagna e Italia in testa) nella prima delle quattro MasterClass, organizzate da Economy of Francesco in collaborazione con il World Food Forum.

A fire that kindles other fire… “THE FARM OF FRANCESCO”

Aprile 30th, 2021|Agriculture and Justice, EoF PEOPLE, Notizie, Villages, WHAT’S ON|

We decided to focus on degradation of agricultural soils and the challenges that farmers, especially young people and women, all over the world live such as access to education, technology and capital to support their fight against soil degradation.

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