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Campaign Proposal:

Promoting Ethical Finance and Responsible Investments

The impacts of financial decisions are felt far beyond balance sheets and profit margins. The choices made by financial institutions hold the power to shape our world, affecting not only economies but also societies, the environment, and with this, peace. As concerned individuals driven by the principles of The Economy of Francesco, we stand united to address a pressing issue that demands our attention: unethical investments.


Financial institutions are often on the spot for being involved with investments that contribute to armed conflicts, environmental degradation, and social injustices. Evidence shows that the most impacted by these ongoing abuses and violations are the women and children.


We believe that financial institutions have a moral obligation to invest in ways that align with the well-being of humanity and the planet. Through this proposal, we outline our strategic approach to raising awareness, fostering change, and creating a movement that empowers individuals and promotes good change in financial institutions.

We envision a future where financial decisions reflect our shared values, and where investments are vehicles for positive change and peacebuilding.


  • Raising awareness in The Economy of Francesco Community about unethical investments.
  • Contributing to a discussion with financial institutions to influence possible shifts toward ethical investment practices.
  • Encouraging individuals to inquire about their bank’s investment choices and consider ethical alternatives.


  • Choose wisely: Investigate your bank’s practices and prioritize investing your money in institutions that are committed to ethical investments, have transparent information and demonstrate environmental and human rights accountability.
  • Post on social media: Make some noise by posting your engagement with the campaign in social media and remember to tag #MoneyForPeace
  • Join the online events: Be part of the community that is engaged in dialoguing and building better practices for the financial sector. Stay tunes with the upcoming events!
  • Question your bank: Ask for the template of the letter and send it to your bank requesting information on how and where your money is invested.

To access a letter template to question your bank, please insert your best email below and you will immediately receive by email the attached .pdf file:

    For info or other write to: [email protected]