Open GRANT! Opportunity of FUNDS to support social enterprise in Africa, Latin America, Asia

HIC SUM: Arms and legs to the ideas, a tangible reply to the needs.

In The Economy of Francesco we firmly believe in cooperation with others and generative synergies. Particularly when partners with a genuine motivational drive help nurture virtuous dreams of young people and concretely provide something where a need arises.

Under this perspective, and thanks to the generosity and networking of Spazio Spadoni, we are pleased to spread a great opportunity for young people, from a number of countries, to engage locally in sowing positive impact and being supported in doing that.

Spazio Spadoni is, in fact, a project created to encourage fruitful paths of mission and mercy. It is a space for thought and spirituality that becomes a concrete proposal combining the spirit of mercy with the urgency of the mission. A deep social commitment, in close cooperation with Religious Congregations of sisters missionaries in the South of the world, particularly in different areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The collaboration with Spazio Spadoni is part of the HIC SUM project: meaning “here I am”, it represents first of all a straight answer to a call, to a need.

It is a special missionary project that provides for the training of a sister within an Italian volunteer association for about 6 months. At the end of this period, the nun will promote in her own land a volunteer experience of at least one of the 14 Works of Mercy and will activate a small Social Enterprise (called Bread of Mercy) for the production of foodstuffs (e.g. bread, chocolate, rice, etc.) or products (e.g. soap, etc.) that can be sold, in part to ensure the religious community’s self-support, and in part given free of charge to those who are in a state of indigence and vulnerability. A twinning based on reciprocity links the religious community of the nun and the voluntary association.

The available grant is addressed to young people, entrepreneurs, or start-ups, who can identify in the EoF principles and are willing to closely cooperate at a local level with the mentioned sisters in building a new social activity or developing an existing one.

Here below you can find out all grants’ details, offers, requirements and the 2 available paths to apply for. If you come from one of the listed countries, either you already have a start-up or you are just interested and motivated, hurry up and send your application by March 31st! 

While getting ready to join the EoF international in-person event in Assisi next September, don’t miss the opportunity to make difference in your own country and be in touch with valuable partners.