EoF is launching a global march:



Design: Cristian Camargo. EoF youth from Argentina. @crisdibujante92

Afghan women and girls are slaves again, deprived of rights and freedom.

Bravely, in the streets of Kabul they shout: Afghan women exist. And they ask:¬†support our voices, don’t let us disappear! World, can you hear us?

We cannot pretend that all of this is not happening! They are there, so close, still visible, before a blue drape hides them.

EoF is launching a global march:

On Saturday, August 28, let’s take to the streets, in the streets of our cities, to shout:

Afghan women exist. Together we stand!

In our hands and in the windows of our houses, a blue cloth, like the one that wants to hide them.

We will repeat the march every Saturday, as long as necessary.

Let’s wear from now on, every day, a piece of blue cloth to say: we are with you, we see you, we hear you.

Together, let’s give visibility to these actions, let’s give voice to those who want to be silenced. Tag us in your photo or video!

The women and men of The Economy of Francesco


EoF global march 

Le donne e le bambine afgane sono di nuovo schiave, private di diritti e di libertà.

Coraggiose, nelle strade di Kabul gridano: le donne afgane esistono e chiedono: sostenete la nostra voce; non ci fate sparire; mondo, riesci a sentirci?

Non possiamo far finta che tutto questo non stia succedendo!  Sono lì, così vicine, ancora visibili, prima che un drappo blu le nasconda.

EoF lancia una marcia globale:

Sabato 28 agosto, scendiamo in piazza, nelle strade delle nostre città, per gridare:

‚ÄúLe donne afgane esistono‚ÄĚ. Together we stand!

Nelle mani e alle finestre delle case, un drappo blu, come quello che le vuole nascondere.

Ripeteremo la marcia ogni sabato, fino a quando sarà necessario. Indossiamo da subito, ogni giorno, un pezzo di stoffa blu per dire alle donne afgane: siamo con voi, vi vediamo, vi sentiamo.

Insieme, diamo visibilità a questo gesto, diamo voce a chi non ne ha. Taggaci nella tua foto o video!

Le donne e gli uomini di EoF

Marcha Global EoF

As mulheres e meninas afeg√£s s√£o novamente escravas, privadas de direitos e liberdade.

Corajosamente, nas ruas de Cabul gritam: as mulheres afegãs existem. E pedem: apóie nossa voz; não nos faça desaparecer; mundo, você pode nos ouvir?

Não podemos fingir que tudo isso não está acontecendo! Elas estão lá, tão próximas, ainda visíveis, antes que uma cortina azul as esconda.

A EoF lança uma marcha global:

No sábado 28 de agosto, vamos para as ruas, para as praças de nossas cidades, para gritar:

“As mulheres afeg√£s existem”. Together we stand.

Em nossas mãos e nas janelas de nossas casas, um pano azul, como aquele que quer escondê-las.

Repetiremos a marcha todos os sábados, enquanto for necessário. A partir de agora, todos os dias, vamos usar um pedaço de pano azul para dizer às mulheres afegãs: estamos com vocês, vemos vocês, ouvimos vocês.

Juntos, vamos dar visibilidade a estas ac√ß√Ķes, vamos dar voz √†queles que querem ser silenciados. Marque-nos na sua foto ou v√≠deo!

As mulheres e os homens de EoF

Marcha mundial EoF

Las mujeres y ni√Īas afganas vuelven a ser esclavas, privadas de derechos y de libertad.

Con valent√≠a, en las calles de Kabul gritan: las mujeres afganas existen. Y piden: apoya nuestra voz,¬†no nos hagas desaparecer,¬†mundo, ¬Ņpuedes o√≠rnos?

No podemos fingir que todo esto no est√° ocurriendo.¬† Est√°n ah√≠, tan cerca, a√ļn visibles, antes de que un manto azul los oculte.

EoF lanza una marcha mundial:

El s√°bado 28 de agosto, salgamos a la calle, a las calles de nuestras ciudades, para gritar:

“Las mujeres afganas existen”. Together we stand.

En nuestras manos y en las ventanas de nuestras casas, una tela azul, como la que quiere ocultarlas.

Repetiremos la marcha todos los sábados, el tiempo que sea necesario.  Llevaremos a partir de ahora, cada día, un trozo de tela azul para decir a las mujeres afganas: estamos con ustedes, las vemos, las oímos.

Juntos, demos visibilidad a estas acciones, demos voz a los que quieren ser silenciados. ¡Etiquétanos en tu foto o vídeo!

Las mujeres y los hombres de EoF 

Marche mondiale d’EoF

Les femmes et les filles afghanes sont à nouveau des esclaves, privées de droits et de liberté.

Courageusement, dans les rues de Kaboul, elles crient:¬†les femmes afghanes existent et demandent:¬†soutenez notre voix;¬†ne nous faites pas dispara√ģtre;¬†monde, arriveras-tu √† nous entendre?

Nous ne pouvons pas faire comme si tout cela n’existait pas! Elles sont l√†, si proches, encore visibles, avant qu’un drap√© bleu ne les cache.

The Economy of Francesco lance une marche mondiale:

Samedi 28 ao√Ľt, descendons dans la rue, dans les rues de nos villes, pour crier:

“Les femmes afghanes existent”.¬†Together we stand.

Dans nos mains et sur les fenêtres de nos maisons, un tissu bleu, comme celui qui veut les cacher.

Nous répéterons la marche chaque samedi, aussi longtemps que nécessaire. Portons dès à présent, chaque jour un morceau de tissu bleu pour dire aux femmes afghanes: nous sommes avec vous, nous vous voyons, nous vous entendons.

Ensemble, donnons de la visibilité à ces actions, donnons de la voix à ceux qui veulent se faire taire. Marquez-nous sur votre photo ou votre vidéo!

Les femmes et les hommes de EoF


Here are the cities that have already joined:

SARONNO (VA) – ITALY | p.zza San Francesco, h. 5.00 pm

ANCONA – ITALY | Banchina 1, Fontana dei Due Soli, Porto di Ancona, h. 6.00 pm

ASSISI (PG) – ITALY | p.zza S. Chiara, h. 11.00 am

ROMA – ITALY | p.zza S. Pietro (obelisk), h. 5.00 pm

BIELLA – ITALY | work in progress – stay tuned!

PRATO – ITALY | Sept. 4, p.zza del Comune, h. 6 pm

TRENTO – ITALY | work in progress – stay tuned!

AREZZO – ITALY | p.zza S.Michele (Corso Italia), h. 5.30 pm

MARINO LAZIALE (RM) – ITALY | p.zza S. Barnaba, h. 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

BRA (CN) – ITALY | v. Cavour, h. 6.00 pm

PARMA – ITALY | p.zza Garibaldi, h. 10.30 am

PERUGIA – ITALY | Aug. 25, p.zza Italia, h. 7.00 pm

PESARO РITALY | p.le della Libertà, h. 6.30 pm

MARSALA (TP) – ITALY | work in progress – stay tuned!


BENEVENTO – ITALY | social campaign | sit-in: p.zza S. Sofia, h. 9.00 am




QUARTU SANT’ELENA (CA) – ITALY | Sept. 4, Lido del Carabiniere – Lido dell’Esercito, h. 6.00 pm

TRAPANI – ITALY | Torre di Ligny, h. 7.00 pm


NAPOLI – ITALY | social campaign | Sept. 4, p.zza S. Domenico Maggiore, h. 5.00 pm

GUBBIO (PG) – ITALY | Sept. 4, p.zza G. Bruno, h. 12.00 am

SARONNO (VA) – ITALY | Sept. 11, p.zza San Francesco

PHILIPPINE | Sept. 11, social campaign

ANGRI (SA) – ITALY | Sept. 15, Istit. Istruzione Sup. “G. Fortunato” – Inizio anno scolastico 2021/22 con la Donne Afghane Difese – osservatorio di impegno sociale e solidariet√† internazionale

ASSISI (PG) – ITALY | SEPT.18, p.zza Superiore S. Francesco, h. 10.00 am

LOOK AT THE MAP and find out location and time!

Kabul, August 2021

After the withdrawal of the West from Afghanistan, the Taliban militias have regained control of the country, in less than a week they have conquered a dozen provincial capitals, on August 15 they entered Kabul.

With their return, there are fears – above all – for the future, the rights, and the life of women.

In a video, an Afghan girl cries for her future: “Nobody cares about us just because we were born here. We will disappear from history” and while the spokesman of the Taliban held the first press conference after seizing power, a group of Afghan women, holding placards demonstrated in defense of women’s rights in front of the presidential palace demanding recognition of their role in public life. “Afghan women exist,” one of the placards read in English.

There are many Afghan women who entrust their despair to social networks. There is Shamsia, there is also a girl who in tears is preparing to “die slowly”, and still the Afghan photographer Rada Akbar who writes on Twitter: “Cities collapse, human bodies collapse, history, and the future collapses, life and beauty collapse, our world collapses. Please, someone, stop this.”

Hey, world! Can you hear us?” writes another woman. Every woman in Afghanistan wonders what will happen to her future and her life.

The strength of women

Since 2001, with the fall of the Taliban, women have slowly and painstakingly taken back their rights. Since July 2021, when the Taliban began to take over several regions and cities in the country, the fear of seeing it all go away has returned.

“The Taliban cannot take away from Afghan women what they have become over the past 20 years, their education, their drive to work, their sense of freedom” – says Lynsey Addario, photojournalist, and writer. Afghan women are full of energy, hope, dreams. Strength and perseverance that they have shown to have even under Taliban control. The same strength is shown these days by many women in Kabul: “I am not afraid of the Taliban – says one of them. We will not go back to that dark era. I don’t care if they will identify me if they will kill me. I am not afraid of them. This is my land, this is my home.” But the distressing fear for Afghan girls and women remains.

The youth and young people of the Economy of Francesco immediately wanted to stand beside the Afghan women by launching the EoF Global March on Saturday, August 28 to tell them, “we are with you, we will not leave you alone, we will fight alongside you.” Today we look for their social profiles, more images of protests in the streets of Kabul. All (or almost) obscured, disappeared.

The present of Afghan women

“Last week I was a journalist. Today I cannot write with my name, say who I am or where I am. My life has been destroyed in a few days,” one woman tells The Guardian newspaper. “I am not safe because I am a 22-year-old woman and I know that the Taliban are forcing families to give their daughters in marriage to fighters. And I am also not safe because I am a journalist and I know that the Taliban will come after me and all my colleagues.”

The mothers, who have already lived under the Taliban regime, are asking their daughters to wear burqas to avoid attracting their attention, not without resistance. “We don’t have burqas at home and I’m not going to get one,” says a 26-year-old university student in Kabul. According to the BBC, in the areas captured by the Taliban, women are already not allowed to leave the house without a male companion and many female workers will be replaced by men.

Emblematic are the stories of the athletes of the Afghan National Cycling Team, in great difficulty for being sportswomen and women cyclists, who have to leave Afghanistan for their safety and that of the five Afghan girls of the robotics team – Afghan Dreamers – landed in Mexico.

In the city of Kandahar, some health clinics run by women have been closed, advertisements with models have been removed from shop windows and beauty centers. Some female students were thrown out of a supermarket because they were not accompanied by a man and others because they were not wearing the burqa. Testimonies of house-to-house searches by groups of Taliban, of violence and killings are arriving. Women wait with fear for their turn to come.

We cannot remain indifferent. This is not the world we want.






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