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3 economic ideas for a better future

August 19th, 2022|EOF ProView, Miscellaneous|

As we get closer to our meeting in Assisi, I want to share with you a few words about some economic ideas that can build a basis on which we can think together about a new way of conceiving the economy. All three ideas are very well connected to Pope Francis’ writings and thoughts and are able to deal with our many contemporary challenges: the environmental crisis, high levels of inequality, precarious labor, political extremism and/or indifference.

A new paradigm to rethink diversities

May 17th, 2022|EOF ProView, Miscellaneous|

Generally, when human rights and diversities are related, the term inclusion is the one that appears as a way of shortening distances and generating policies that legitimize these “Others”. This article presents a new paradigm to address the issue of disability, a specific field of study of the author, which can be applied to other socially vulnerable groups. 

Quale cura per la non autosufficienza: 3 punti per non arrivare tardi

April 29th, 2022|EOF ProView, Miscellaneous|

A giorni è atteso in Consiglio dei ministri il disegno di legge delega per la riforma della non autosufficienza proposto dalla commissione interministeriale istituita ad hoc e presieduta da mons. Paglia. Un momento storico per tanti, meno per i tre milioni di anziani non autosufficienti che oggi si contano in Italia: per loro la riforma potrebbe arrivare troppo tardi. 

Getting Tired of Gender Equality

March 16th, 2022|EOF ProView, Miscellaneous|

There are many inequalities in the world. And, despite current events that seem to bring civilization back hundreds of years, societies are working to not let anyone behind. Or at least, benevolent people are pushing to create a better society. However, as preposterous as it sounds, there are inequalities that are not perceived as such from mostly conservative sides of society. One of them is gender inequality.

The plant as a common good: lights and shadows of cooperation between legumes and bacteria

February 17th, 2022|EOF ProView, Miscellaneous|

The Economy of Francesco School is a global educational pathway that began in 2021 and is now in its second year. Re-thinking the science of economics is not an easy task; desiring to do it by 'listening to the plants', seems ambitious.

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