#CONECTA – Uniting voices,
transforming the economy

From the synergy of the Economy of Communion with Porticus, Institute for Socratic Dialogue and The Economy of Francesco, CONECTA, an innovative and very promising project is starting in Barcelona. Find out how to participate.

Imagine a place where differences become bridges instead of barriers. CONECTA is this kind of space, a programme designed to re-imagine a more equitable and sustainable economic future together, through dialogue and training sessions. We are at a crucial time when deep social exclusions, economic inequalities and serious environmental consequences highlight the failures of the current economic model. In response to this, CONECTA emerges as an answer to the search for more inclusive and sustainable models, creating new paradigms and realities.

What is CONECTA?

CONECTA is a unique programme that seeks to bring together ten business leaders and ten people who have had first-hand experience of the consequences of an exclusionary economic system. These groups, who normally would not have the opportunity to interact, will come together to rethink and build a more just and sustainable future. This will be done through meetings for training and dialogue in which these 20 people will participate. At CONECTA, all participants are “voices of change”: they are essential to rethink and reshape an economic system that values both people and the planet.

Our objectives

Inclusive dialogue: to create a space of equality where all voices matter, promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences in an open and respectful environment.

Reflection and learning: to promote meaningful learning based on critical analysis of current economic issues using the approach of multiple disciplines.

Connection and expansion: enable participants, through dialogue, to develop deep connections, expanding their frames of reference.

Innovation and creativity: fostering an environment in which new ideas can emerge, by imagining new ways of acting towards sustainable change.

Who are the creators of CONECTA?

The idea of creating these meetings through the programme’s innovative methodologies came from Porticus Iberia, from Institute for Socratic Dialogue and the Economy of Communion, who share some of the same goals and who came together for the first time to create this programme. Similarly, The Economy of Francesco joined as a partner, since one of the most relevant points of its philosophy is to think together with the marginalised or those on the periphery, finding solutions to current problems and not trying to “solve” these issues only from privileged or academic positions.

Programme format

CONECTA offers a hybrid format with face-to-face and online sessions to facilitate global and flexible participation. Face-to-face sessions in Barcelona mark the beginning and end of the programme, while online sessions, led by experts from various disciplines and Socratic Dialogue specialists, will focus on the interdisciplinary exploration of economic challenges.

Benefits of participating in CONECTA

Participants will not only contribute to the formation of an alternative economic model, they will also experience significant personal and professional growth.

Participation in CONECTA will enable them to:

Expand their horizons: Gain new perspectives and develop creative solutions applicable both personally and professionally.

Build together: Actively contribute to the creation of a more diverse and just business environment.

Be agents of change: Influence the identification and resolution of social challenges arising from business and economic practices, strengthening the economy of communion and inclusion…

Participation and costs

The programme is free of charge, thanks to our sponsors. Participants are expected to cover their own travel, accommodation and subsistence costs during the face-to-face sessions. We offer special board and lodging packages to facilitate your stay.

Requirements for participation:
Language: the programme will be held in Spanish, which is the only requirement for participation.
Experience: previous experience or a degree in economics is not necessary to participate.
Attendance: participants are required to be present at both face-to-face and virtual meetings. There are no additional activities outside the session times.

Would you like to join us?

If you are interested in learning more about our program and receiving dates of upcoming information sessions we invite you to complete the pre-registration form through the link provided, we will contact you: https://forms.gle/tE5LZmBVsLzNFM9R6

Places are limited!

If you are ready to be one of the ‘Voices of Change’ and wish to participate in this transformative project, be sure to register before June 30th.

We are excited about the opportunity to partner with you on this journey towards a more equitable and sustainable economy.
We look forward to seeing you at CONECTA!

Contact details:
Sara María Álvarez Moisés – [email protected] – Whatsapp: +52 2223089394