A vaccine for all. The Common Good our world needs now




Has been a huge pleasure participate to in the roundtable discussions on the Covid-19 vaccine as a common good for all, with the neuroscience Professor Catherine Belzung, the Italian ambassador Pasquale Ferrara, and Professor Jeffrey Sachs. Each of the contribution and viewpoint was unique and was a real invitation to recognize how the world we are living in is interconnected. The unprecedented challenges triggered by the Covid-19 outbreak undoubtedly has affected all of us, enlarging the gap with the most vulnerable, pushing part of the population into extreme poverty.

It is, therefore, important to recognize in our policy actions to avoid the tragedy of the commons, in which selfish behaviour leads to adverse communal outcomes leading event worst effects in next future. Vaccination allows us to protect ourselves in the present and also in the future, preventing further virus variants which can make less effective the vaccines. Egoistic behaviour across high-income countries will be a serious threat for society, and for a full recovery of our economies.

The virus knows no terrestrial boundaries, we have to act to help each other. Otherwise, we might never be able to return to the previous extent of cross-border collaborations for economic and social progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. We must set out together on a new path towards a united collaboration to re-design properly a sustainable development for all.


In the full spirit of The Economy of Francesco, young economists, entrepreneurs and change-makers all around the World convey about the necessity to act and support equity access to the Covid19 vaccines (and treatments). In solidarity and against the vaccine nationalism, we are convinced that a way out from the covid19 outbreak cannot be achieved until equitable access will be supported and guaranteed to everyone across the planet. The achievement of this safe environment will be a prerequisite for a new and concrete global recovery.

>>> WATCH AGAIN THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvZIQP500RE