We are the wings of those who cannot fly

February 19th, 2022|EoF PEOPLE, News, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|

For 150 years, the Seraphic Institute has taken care of children and young people with serious disabilities. Over the years, the needs of the people who cross its threshold have changed, and consequently so have our actions. But our mission is always the same: to bring fullness to the lives of the most vulnerable.

A new economy means integrating all the dynamics of human existence

February 16th, 2022|EoF PEOPLE, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|

A new economy means integrating all the dynamics of human existence By: Alan Faria Andrade, Human Rights Magazine How does writing about human rights contribute to building a better economy? The Human Rights Magazine seeks to encourage the world [...]

Cuba: sembrar para cosechar una economía con alma

February 2nd, 2022|HUBs, News, Territories, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|

En Cuba, los jóvenes de The Economy of Francesco (EoF) le apuestan a la siembra de valores y las capacitaciones para que los proyectos tengan una buena administración y puedan pronto ver los frutos de cada una de las actividades que realizan. Nos cuentan de estas actividades en el siguiente artículo.

Please, please, please: Do (Look Up)!

January 25th, 2022|EoF PEOPLE, EoF PEOPLE, News, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|

In this short column on the recent Netflix blockbuster Don’t Look Up, Mateusz Ciasnocha – a participant of the Economy of Francesco from Poland and a Co-Leader of the Farm of Francesco project born within The Economy of Francesco – reflects on the movie and shares his three insights that emerged after watching and reflecting on the film with the EoF Community.

Falling down of women occupation during pandemic

January 20th, 2022|EoF PEOPLE, EoF PEOPLE, News, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON, Women for Economy|

In the seminar, promoted by the Women for Economy Village, Gianna Martinengo, entrepreneur, was invited to share her experience and knowledge about the pandemic situation that changed the way of work and its impact on women's occupation.

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