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Pacar School project: a bridge between technology and education

Maggio 9th, 2022|EoF PEOPLE, Notizie, Villages, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|

Among the projects that have come to light within the first collaborative networks created within The Economy of Francesco is Pacar School, a bridge between technology and education. Today the members of this team tell us about the new steps and challenges to carry forward the development of this project.

Falling down of women occupation during pandemic

Gennaio 20th, 2022|EoF PEOPLE, EoF PEOPLE, Notizie, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON, Women for Economy|

In the seminar, promoted by the Women for Economy Village, Gianna Martinengo, entrepreneur, was invited to share her experience and knowledge about the pandemic situation that changed the way of work and its impact on women's occupation.

Pobreza y pobrezas, el punto de partida de un proceso de aprendizaje

Dicembre 6th, 2021|Agriculture and Justice, CO2 of Inequalities, Energy and Poverty, EoF PEOPLE, EoF PEOPLE, Finance and Humanity, HUBs, Territories, Villages, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|

“Pobreza y pobrezas. Buscando claves para América Latina” es el título del diplomado recientemente concluido en América Latina, impulsado por el CELAM (Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano) e impartido por 15 jóvenes de The Economy of Francesco, como una contribución para dar una nueva alma a la economía.

How smart is smartworking

Novembre 17th, 2021|EoF PEOPLE, Notizie, Villages, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON, Women for Economy|

How did remote working affect our lives, productivity, and well-being? Will it be the new standard after the pandemic? In response to these questions, The Economy of Francesco's thematic village, Women for economy, decided to organize a space for dialogue to understand the challenges, advantages, and disadvantages that this type of work brings with it.

Sognare in grande, creare speranza. Intervista a Francesco Polo

Ottobre 22nd, 2021|EoF PEOPLE, HUBs, Notizie, Policies and Happiness, WHAT’S ON|

Francesco Polo ha 29 anni ed è nato a Conegliano (in provincia di Treviso). È analista e responsabile della gestione del rischio delle terze parti per CERVED credit management. Per The Economy of Francesco, ha contribuito a coordinare la giornata del 2 ottobre ad Assisi.


Agosto 18th, 2021|Business in Transition, EoF PEOPLE, Main Stage, Notizie, WHAT’S ON|

In vista della 42esima edizione del meeting di Rimini, dal 20 al 25 agosto 2021, i giovani si mobilitano per una nuova economia. Intervista a Giacomo Ciambotti, moderatore e organizzatore dell'incontro “I GIOVANI PER UNA NUOVA ECONOMIA: DALL’ECONOMY OF FRANCESCO, UN IO IN AZIONE” 20 agosto 2021 - ore 14 - Sala Ravezzi

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