Final Statement EoF Assisi 2022

October 10th, 2022|Agriculture and Justice, Business and Peace, Business in Transition, CO2 of Inequalities, Energy and Poverty, EoF PEOPLE, EoF PEOPLE, Finance and Humanity, Life and Lifestyle, Main Stage, Management and Gift, News, Policies and Happiness, Villages, Vocation and Profit, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON, Women for Economy, Work and Care|

During the conclusion of the #EoF2022 event, the 12 thematic villages that are part of The Economy of Francesco presented a Final Statement. This declaration reflects the work and commitment of the members of these villages, and on September 24, this declaration was consigned to Pope Francis.


September 16th, 2022|EoF PEOPLE, EoF PEOPLE, HUBs, Main Stage, News, Territories, Villages, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|

Forestation on Mount Subasio, protection of the holm oak forest of the Eremo delle Carceri, biodegradable materials, public water fountains, 0 km products provided in areas confiscated from criminal activity and much more, are the actions to reduce the impact of the three days of EoF

The new Arabian Nights with the stories of the young people of The Economy of Francesco

September 14th, 2022|EoF PEOPLE, EoF PEOPLE, EoF school, HUBs, Life and Lifestyle, Main Stage, News, Territories, Villages, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|

The global event in Assisi is approaching. To enter the atmosphere of The Economy of Francesco (EoF), here is the preface by Luigino Bruni to the book "The Economy of Francesco. Il racconto dei protagonisti per una nuova economia. (The Economy of Francesco. The story of the protagonists for a new economy)."

Dreaming with your feet on the ground (from the periphery)

September 5th, 2022|EoF PEOPLE, Main Stage, News, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|

Vilson Groh is a Catholic Priest who lives on the hill of Mocot贸, on the outskirts of Florian贸polis (South of Brazil). In partnership with other civil organisations, he assists and promotes coordination to defend and guarantee the rights of vulnerable people. He develops activities of education and social assistance in the peripheries of Grande Florian贸polis and in Guinea-Bissau in Africa. Father Vilson will be in Assisi for the Economy of Francesco (EoF), especially during the conference on 23rd September 2022.

Del Mastro: Victims of human trafficking are victims of the current economy

July 30th, 2022|EoF PEOPLE, EoF PEOPLE, Life and Lifestyle, Main Stage, News, Territories, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|

In the framework of World Day Against Human Trafficking, we interviewed Nicol谩s del Mastro, a young Argentinean who is dedicated to this cause from the Alameda Foundation. He tells us why the issue of trafficking matter so much in an economic environment. 芦A system that puts at the center the 鈥済od鈥 of money, that alters all the processes of production to maximize profits, that maintains that a human being is an instrument, a means, is just one more commodity, merchandise, used needed to produce more money.禄

Toward Assisi . The workshop designed by Amaya that helps young people integrate

July 4th, 2022|EoF PEOPLE, EoF PEOPLE, Main Stage, Territories, WHAT'S ON, WHAT’S ON|

The young Iberian economist has received several awards for her innovations. She will participate in September in The Economy of Francis: "I aim to foster a community that dreams big."

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